Adrian Stoica, FRG president: “It was a heavy year…”

Romanian art gymnastics began in force in 2011, with six medals (3 gold, 2 Silver and 1 bronze) at the European Berlin Championship, but we didn’t actually get any medal in the Tokyo World competition, with qualifications in the Olympic Games 2012, both boy and girls. At Berlin, Sandra Izbasa confirmed her star status and won two gold medals, both on the floor and vaulting, Diana Chelaru took the silver on the floor, and Amelia Racea got the bronze at individual all around. In boys, Flavius Koczi obtained the floor gold and the silver at the individual all around. In 2011, the Romanian contenders also got other medals, the Olympic Festival of European Youth (OFEY), from Istanbul, where our great hope for London, Larisa Iordache shined, awarded with the gold at individual all around, horizontal bar and the floor, silver at vaulting and parallel bars. The World University Games from China, Flavius Koczi, got gold at floor and vaulting, bronze for vaulting horse and Marius Berbecar attained silver at parallel bars confirming his good shape before the world Championships.
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Flavius Koczi, Sandra Izbasa si Valentin Mavrodineanu were declared the gymnasts of the year

Gimnastica Artistica

1. KOCZI Flavius
2. BERBECAR Marius
3. BATAGA Cristian
5. COTUNA Vlad
6. BUIDOSO Ovidiu
7. URSACHE Andrei
8. MUNTEAN Andrei
9. RADEANU Daniel
10. GROZA Andrei

Gimnastica Artistica

1. IZBASA Sandra
2. CHELARU Diana
3. RACEA Amelia
4. PONOR Catalina
6. IORDACHE Larisa
7. HAIDU Raluca
8. BULIMAR Diana
9. ANDREI Daniela
10. TRENCA Diana


3. ZAMFIR Mircea
3. PORIME Tolan Petru
5. PAVEL Maria Luisa
6. BOGATI Andreea
8. SURDU Anca
10. CIMPOI Mihaita

Gymnasts from Banat dominated the competition from Novi Sad

At Novi Sad (Serbia) the third edition of “Laza Krstic Memorial and Marica Dželatović”, a competition that took 170 juniors from multiple clubs from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania, considering us, with a present consistency of our gymnasts from Cetate Deva, CSS Resita, CSM Resita and CSS Timisoara, whom Romanian protagonists were found between the contenders.
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Nadia Comaneci, nominated to the AIPS prizes

The annual reunion of the Executive of the International Association committee also took place, where the nomination and presentation for the “Power of Sport” Prize, who is a offered to sporting personalization, between the nominated this year, was also Nadia Comaneci.
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The Romanian Specialists, Congratulated

Three Romanian specialists, Adrian Stoica the president of the International Gymnastic Federation, Anca Grigoras and Mircea Apolzan, were present at Doha, bringing a real change to the success of “the gymnastic week” during the Arabian Games.
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C.M. Tokyo 2011 – The curtains dropped…

TOKYO, 16 October 2011 (Letter from Emanuel Fantaneanu). With the last apparatus finale’s, the 43rd World Gymnastics competition curtains have gone down. Our attention and many Japan living Romanians has been focused on the three apparatus, horizontal bar – Catalina Ponor and Amelia Racea, Uneven Bars – Marius Berbecar and floor Diana Chelaru.
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C.M.Tokyo 2011 – Confirmation, surprise si hopes in the apparatus finale

TOKYO, 15 October (Letter from Emanuel Fantaneanu). The last but one day of the 43rd World Gymnastics championship, again, with over 6000 happy spectators – till now, the competition numbered over 33.000 spectators – the first apparatus finale’s unfolded (male – floor, vaulting horse; female – vaulting, uneven bars). In the competition there was only one Romanian representative, Flavius Koczi, qualified in the floor finale, where he obtained sixth place.
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C.M. Tokyo 2011 – Flavius Koczi, twelfth place. Ana Porgras, the Elegance Prize

Tokyo, 14 October (Letter from Emanuel Fantaneanu). The 43rd artistic gymnastic world championship edition changed its “décor”, for the hall to be filled with the male competition apparatus for the individual all around. Among the 24 finalists from 17 countries was our representative too, Flavius Koczi, with regret, that Marian Dragulescu was unavailable, hurt, but for whom everything is worked by so we could have him perform the apparatus finale. At the end of this tense competition, Flavius Koczi finished twelfth.
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C.M. Tokyo 2011: Ana Porgras, sixth in the individual all around and “Elegance Prize”

Tokyo, 13 October (Letter de la Emanuel Fantanean). The 43rd World artistic Gymnastic competition continued in Metropolitan Gymnasium with over 3000 spectators, with the girls competition for the individual all around competition, in the final 24 being our representatives as well, Ana Porgras and Raluca Haidu
It wasn’t easy at all, Ana Porgras had a very impressive performance, with the sixth place, at the end of a competition where at the start 216 performers had to prove themselves, while Raluca Haidu took 18 place. If Ana Porgras did not take the podium, she will have to console herself with the elegance prize, offered by Longines, who was won by the performers and media’s grades, and she was the most artistic and with the best posture in the competition; the prize will be obtained tomorrow, before the male prizing festivities at individual all around.
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C.M. Tokyo 2011 – China at its 10th title. Romania, on eight

Tokyo, 12 October (Letter from Emanuel Fantaneanu). In front of Metropolitan Gymnasium’s hall, the first eight male teams performed in the finale that was about to establish the new world order. The victory was granted to China’s representative team, which cumulated nine world titles in the last 10 editions, followed by Japan ans USA, while Romania took the eigth place, in a completely unexpected and unlikely turn.
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