Nadia dazzles SportAccord IF forum with a perfect 10-hand stand

8th annual SportAccord International Federation Forum (Lausanne, 3rd – 5th of November 2014)

By Diacounda Sene, AIPS Young Reporter – Senegal
LAUSANNE, November 4, 2014 – When she was invited to the SportAccord International Federation forum, it was as a participant and  the key speaker.
But once she got to the stage, Nadia Comaneci transformed into all the time favorite-the gymnast, the athlete with the same flexibility as she had over three decades ago.
The 52-year old dazzled the guests that included Presidents of Federations and the IOC President Thomas Bach with yet another perfect 10 score – a steady headstand on stage never mind the years gone by, the high heels and her formal wear. Yet another flawless performance that carried back the crowds to the 1976 grand feat when the Romanian won the Olympic title at the age of 14.
The gymnastic legend flaunted her ability for a sport she chose when she was a young girl. ”When I started gymnastics at six years of age, I did not set out to make a story. All I wanted to do was to challenge myself to be just a little better each day” she said.
A sport that has gracefully defined her life. ”I’ll never forget one time after I finished a show, we rushed to the airport to catch a flight home. On the plane I was talking to the flight attendant, who had not recognized me and she said, ”wow, your legs are in great shape, do you do any sports?” I said, ”Yes, I’m a gymnast” and she said ”Yeah right so do you think you are, Nadia Comaneci?”. I said, ”Well actually I am Nadia Comaneci.”
Success she believes she has achieved thanks to her innovation and dedication in training that challenged technology with the first perfect ten score. ”I had worked very hard in training to add a little extra ”Nadia touch”… One might say that my achievement forced an innovation in the way gymnastics was presented to the world”, the five time Olympic champion’s told the Sports stakeholders in Lausanne.
”As we know, the sporting world has to constantly evolve and at the heart of this evolution lies the need for continued innovation”, she noted.  An ideal start to the forum that will seek to examine and consider how to improve the quality of sport using technology.

Since her first perfect 10 Olympic Gold medal at 14, Nadia Comaneci ensured her name will forever remain etched in sporting history. Now, her achievements will also be proudly exhibited at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.
On Tuesday, the five-time Olympic gold medalist presented her competition number to the Olympic Museum. The number 73 is what she wore over three decades ago at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. “I couldn’t find a better, safer place to keep something than here in the Olympic Museum” Nadia Comaneci said.
Nadia’s gesture was welcomed by IOC President Thomas Bach.
“After the Olympic Games and after your success you were not happy to be only Nadia, but you have started to work to give back to sport what it offered to you. You were not only satisfied by serving in the IOC sport commission, but you created a foundation taking care of children. You are motivating young people not only in the United States but around the world,” President Bach noted.
“This small bib is the very history of my success, because 73 is also 7+3 and it’s the symbol of the 10 points.”
Besides the 10.0, her winning score at the Montreal Olympics, the number 73 has also another meaning for Nadia. “Its mean seven trials with score of 10 during the Olympics and 3 gold medals”, she said.